Motohiro Umehara
Motohiro Umehara

Kajima U.S.A. Inc. (KUSA), headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of Kajima Corporation, one of the oldest and largest full-service construction and development companies of the world. We provide construction, architecture, engineering, and real estate development services through our operating subsidiaries.

As per the fundamental philosophy of the Kajima Group, we strive to deliver “Kajima Quality” services to our clients and contribute to creating a sustainable and comfortable living environment to communities all over the United States.

The Kajima Group celebrated its 180th anniversary in 2020. We believe our people-oriented business model and corporate culture driven by core values of integrity, excellence, and long-term relationship building have enabled our sustained success. We have always placed the utmost importance on nurturing human capital from a long-term perspective and providing high value-added services with an in-depth understanding of clients’ needs.

Another of Kajima’s defining features is our ambition and desire to be an industry trailblazer and take on pioneering projects and new technologies. From the construction of Japan’s first skyscraper, to the initiatives for a 40-year BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) project involving master planning, design, construction and operation, and even the development of the world’s first carbon negative concrete, Kajima has constantly championed the enterprising and pioneering spirit.

Here in the United States, we strongly feel it is our duty and responsibility to integrate ourselves within the local community, culture, and spirit to achieve our shared goal of growth and development within a sustainable environment.

Since entering the US market in 1964, we have not only operated the companies we founded, but also supported local firms that we have been fortunate enough to welcome into the Kajima Group. Rather than simply merging, we have continuously empowered these firms that share our vision and culture to operate using original brands, allowing for leadership continuity and creative initiatives.

As a holding company, KUSA supports our 11 operating companies by providing the necessary resources as well as Kajima’s global knowledge and technical expertise. We also promote medium- to long-term growth of the KUSA Group by creating a collaborative environment among our operating companies.

We are confident that our culture based on human values and cutting-edge technology has been the driving force behind our consistent growth and will propel us to greater success in the future. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients by building upon our ability to offer complementary services and products along the entire value chain and will continue with our pursuit of a sustainable future that the whole community can be proud of.