Flournoy Construction Group

The multifamily dynamo on the Chattahoochee River was born of entrepreneurs and inspired by generations of builders and engineers deeply immersed in the development, design, property management, and construction of multifamily housing. We learned to collaborate from executive to field level, and to lead with a sense of urgency. We learned to invest our expertise in high-return targets like site planning, constructability, and navigating HUD financing. We commit to worthy partnerships and define your best route to early lease-up.

We leverage 55+ years devoted to multifamily and the people who build it. That’s a far greater commitment than any typical general contractor could ever hope to offer. By investing in a culture of leadership for generations we are the multifamily dynamo named Flournoy Construction Group.

Flournoy Construction Group joined the Kajima USA group in January 2018.


Thomas E. Harrell


1100 Brookstone Centre Pkwy Columbus, GA 31904