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Kajima USA Group offers a wide array of architectural, engineering, construction and real estate development services through our national network of specialized companies. Our successful track record ensures that we will provide the most suitable solution for our valued customers.

Our Service

Engineering and Construction Services

Consulting: Strategic consultation for planning, scheduling and site selection to maximize your business efficiency.
Architecture: Experienced architects and designers of industrial and commercial facilities provided by state licensed professionals.
Engineering: Building, mechanical and structural engineering including process mechanical installation support provided by state licensed professionals.
General Contracting: Integrated construction services for factories, warehouses, offices, condominiums, hotels and interior space.
Design-Build: One-point solution, which is an efficient and cost-effective method, highly suitable for manufacturing facilities.
Service \ Provider Austin BCC HDCC [Hawaii] KBD KCS
General Contracting
(incl civil work)

Real Estate Development Services

Space Development: Producing efficient and comfortable space for commercial, industrial and residential clients.
Program Management: Integrated services for large-scale complex projects in the public and private sectors.
Investment: Providing investment opportunity in commercial/industrial properties in the US.
Service \ Provider BCDC CDI KDC KUD
Commercial Development  
Industrial Development        
Residential Development    
Program Management