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Kajima Corporation

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Kajima Corporation (JAPAN) is the eternal shareholder of Kajima USA Group companies.

Kajima Corporation was founded in 1840 and quickly grew to become an industry leader in the field of construction, where it has remained as such ever since. Headquartered in Tokyo, Kajima Corporation maintains a workforce more than 9,000 employees located at its 13 branch and numerous sales/project offices throughout Japan. By generating annual consolidated sales of approximately 16 billion US dollars, Kajima ranks as one of the top construction firms in the world. Today, Kajima's global operations network has evolved to reach over 20 countries in such regions as Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the United States in virtually every area of construction and real estate development.
Kajima's extensive experience and expertise in the development, design, and construction of all types of structures, from dams, bridges and tunnels to skyscrapers and resorts, combined with our innovative construction technologies, has led to the Kajima name being well recognized worldwide. These prominent capabilities and a successful track record have also garnered Kajima the respect, trust and confidence of our clients and that of society.

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